UPS Call Out

Not all standby power installations are mission-critical and not all require a guaranteed up-time of 24 hours a day. In these instances, some customers prefer ad hoc service visits arranged as and when required, or when they have a problem, suspect an impending problem, or when the unit is now outside its original warranty period.

VPS UPS engineers recommend that UPS systems over 3kVA should be checked annually to replace parts and ensure correct running of the equipment. Our engineers will collect data every visit to compare over time allowing them to highlight potential faults before they occur.

We will undertake unscheduled visits as quickly as possible and, although we will use our best endeavours, we cannot guarantee repair times. If a faulty system is causing you inconvenience and you do not have a current maintenance contract, you may wish to consider a short-term hire.

We can provide health checks of your UPS and Generator systems on either a scheduled or ad hoc basis. For larger units an engineer will attend your site or, for units of 3kVA or less, they can be sent direct to our workshop.

You are likely to find a UPS Health Checks extremely ideal if you dont have an annual maintenance contract and want your UPS checked to ensure the battery life is sufficient.

If you would like to arrange a UPS call out please call our service team on 0800 634 3390 or email us at