Switch Gear

VPS UPS offer a wide range of services designed to suit your business needs.

Here at VPS UPS we can offer a complete design, build, installation and servicing of switchgear containers or enclosures.

Our switchgear containers are designed to house MV and LV switchgear, UPS, transformers and other electrical equipment. They are supplied to meet customers requirements and provide a perfect environment for the reliable, long-term operation of installed equipment. Being enclosed within a container also enables ease of lifting and transport with the electrical equipment already installed which minimizes the time and testing required during installation.

Switchgear enclosures are also designed to accommodate switchgear, UPS, transformers and similar electrical equipment, but, as oppose to the containers, they are supplied without a floor section. They can be equipped in numerous ways and are all custom designed to meet each customers specifications.

Click here to view a sample Switchgear designed by VPS UPS.

To talk to us about our specialist Switchgear service please call our service team on 0800 634 3390 or email us at sales@valuepowersystems.co.uk.