MGE Replacement Batteries

Replacement batteries for all MGE UPS Models.

Compatible MGE Replacement Batteries Supplied pre wired where shown

Safe disposal in accordance with WEE regulations- see below

All VPS replacement UPS battery kits are assembled using high quality sealed lead/acid batteries manufactured by CSB or Yuasa which are fitted in both new equipment and also replacement battery cartridges.

Next day delivery on all orders before 4.00 p.m.

We only list the most popular models. If your MGE model is not listed here or you are unsure which battery you need please contact sales for pricing and availabilty. The prices shown exclude VAT and Delivery charge of 5.99 if your order is less than 200.

If required you can purchase safe disposal of your old batteries, simply use the carton your new batteries have arrived in and call us when your battery is ready for collection quoting your receipt number - the price includes the return freight and is per carton. This is down at the bottom of this page. Parcelforce will bring all necessary labels.

1 year warranty


Pulsar EX
EX 7
EX 10
Pulasr Ellipse Range BS Sockets
Pulsar ellipse 300 BS
Pulsar ellipse 300 USBS BS
Pulsar ellipse 500 BS
Pulsar ellipse 500 USBS BS
Pulsar ellipse 650 USBS BS
Pulsar ellipse 800 USBS BS
Pulsar ellipse 1200 USBS BS
Pulasr Ellipse Range IEC Sockets
Pulsar ellipse 300 IEC
Pulsar ellipse 300 USBS IEC
Pulsar ellipse 500 IEC
Pulsar ellipse 500 USBS IEC
Pulsar ellipse 650 USBS IEC
Pulsar ellipse 800 USBS IEC
Pulsar ellipse 1200 USBS IEC
Ellipse Premium Range BS Sockets
Ellipse Premium 500 USBS BS
Ellipse Premium 650 USBS BS
Ellipse Premium 800 USBS BS
Ellipse Premium 1200 USBS BS
Ellipse Premium Range IEC Sockets
Ellipse Premium 500 USBS IEC
Ellipse Premium 650 USBS IEC
Ellipse Premium 800 USBS IEC
Ellipse Premium 1200 USBS IEC
Pulsar Evolution Range
Pulsar Evolution 500 rack 1U
Pulsar Evolution 800
Pulsar Evolution 800 rack 1U
Pulsar Evolution 1100
Pulsar Evolution 1100 rack 1U
Pulsar Evolution 1500
Pulsar Evolution 1500 rack 1U
Pulsar Evolution 2200 versatile tower / rack
Pulsar Evolution 3000 versatile tower / rack
Pulsar Extreme C Range
Pulsar Extreme 700 C Tower
Pulsar Extreme 1000 C Tower
Pulsar Extreme 1500 C Tower
Pulsar Extreme 2200 C Tower
Pulsar Extreme 3200 C Tower
Pulsar Extreme 1000 C - (2U) Rack
Pulsar Extreme 1500 C - (2U) Rack
Pulsar Extreme 2200 C - (2U) Rack
Pulsar Extreme 3200 C - (2U) Rack
Pulsar Extreme C 1kVA EXB
Pulsar Extreme 1.5kVA C EXB
Pulsar Extreme 2200 C - EXB
Pulsar Extreme 3200 C - EXB
Pulsar Extreme Range
Pulsar Extreme 2kVA Tower Module
Pulsar Extreme 3kVA Tower Module
Pulsar Extreme 2kVA Rack Module
Pulsar Extreme 3kVA Rack Module
Pulsar Extreme 2kVA LA
Pulsar Extreme 2kVA XLA
Pulsar Extreme 3kVA EXB
Pulsar Extreme 3kVA EXB
Comet Extreme Range
Comet Extreme 4.5kVA UPS Tower Module
Comet Extreme 6kVA UPS Tower Module
Comet Extreme 9kVA UPS Tower Module
Comet Extreme 12kVA UPS Tower Module
Comet Extreme 4.5kVA UPS Rack Module
Comet Extreme 6kVA UPS Rack Module
Comet Extreme 9kVA UPS Rack Module
Comet Extreme 12kVA UPS Rack Module



Ellipse ASR
Ellipse ASR 375 BS / Uni
Ellipse ASR 600 BS / Uni
Ellipse ASR 600 USBS BS / Uni
Ellipse ASR 750 USBS BS / Uni
Ellipse ASR 1000 USBS BS / Uni
Ellipse ASR 1500 USBS BS / Uni
Ellipse ASR 375 IEC
Ellipse ASR 600 IEC
Ellipse ASR 600 USBS IEC
Ellipse 750 USBS IEC
Ellipse 1000 USBS IEC
Ellipse 1500 USBS IEC
Ellipse XL IEC 420VA/250W
Ellipse XL IEC 420VA/250W
Ellipse XL DIN 420VA/250W
Ellipse XL FR 420VA/250W
Ellipse Battery Extension
Ellipse MAX
Ellipse MAX 600 FR
Ellipse MAX 600 DIN
Ellipse MAX 600 UNI
Ellipse MAX 600 IEC
Ellipse MAX 600 USBS FR
Ellipse MAX 600 USBS DIN
Ellipse MAX 600 USBS UNI
Ellipse MAX 600 USBS IEC
Ellipse MAX 850 USBS FR
Ellipse MAX 850 USBS DIN
Ellipse MAX 850 USBS UNI
Ellipse MAX 850 USBS IEC
Ellipse MAX 1100 USBS FR
Ellipse MAX 1100 USBS DIN
Ellipse MAX 1100 USBS UNI
Ellipse MAX 1100 USBS IEC
Ellipse MAX 1500 USBS FR
Ellipse MAX 1500 USBS DIN
Ellipse MAX 1500 USBS UNI
Ellipse MAX 1500 USBS IEC
Evolution / Evolution S
Evolution 650VA Tower
Evolution 650VA Rack
Evolution 850VA Tower
Evolution 850VA Rack
Evolution 1150VA Tower
Evolution 1150VA Rack
Evolution 1500VA Tower
Evolution 1500VA Rack
Evolution 2000VA Rack/Tower
Evoltuion S 1250VA RT2U 0.9PF
Evoltuion S 1750VA RT2U 0.9PF
Evoltuion S 2500VA RT2U 0.9PF Netpac
Evoltuion S 3000VA RT2U 0.9PF
Evoltuion S 3000VA RT2U 0.9PF Netpac
Evoltuion EXB 1250/1750 RT2U 0.9PF
Evoltuion EXB 2500/3000 RT2U 0.9PF
Pulsar 700VA Tower
Pulsar 1000VA Tower
Pulsar 1500VA Tower
Pulsar 1000VA RT 2U
Pulsar 1500VA RT 2U
Pulsar EXB 1 - 1.5kVA Mini Tower
Pulsar EXB 1 - 1.5kVA RT 2u includes rails
Pulsar M
Pulsar M RT 2200 2U
Pulsar M RT 2200 3U
Pulsar M RT 3000 2U
Pulsar M RT 3000 3U
Pulsar M RT 3000 3U XL
Pulsar M RT EXB 3U 2/3kVA
Pulsar MX
Pulsar MX4000
Pulsar MX5000
Pulsar MX EXB RT3U 4/5kVA
Pulsar MX Battery SUB Module
Comet EX RT
Comet EX RT 5 & 7kVA EXB Module
Comet EX RT 11kVA EXB Module

If you cannot see your model number listed here please contact sales on 0800 634 3390.