PC's & Networks

In todays IT environment businesses are dependent on everything from desktop PCs, servers and data centres. In some cases it controls the main functions of a business. Computer rooms need continuous, consistent and reliable power supplies; the integrity of the data they hold is crucial to the success of every business. As such, its essential that the electrical supply that powers critical systems is always clean and reliable; otherwise the result could be costly downtime and possible data loss.

We supply power protection solutions for every size of computer room, including UPS protection for individual workstations, through to major networks, servers and data centres giving total power protection for the entire business.

With your specific requirements in mind our highly-trained sales engineers will recommend the best power solutions available. Instead of having to train your staff as power protection professionals, we'll advise you or even manage the project on your behalf and can also maintain your UPS solution.

If 24/7 non-stop power must be guaranteed, we can provide systems with extended runtimes or matched UPS and generators. Should you be unable to gain planning permission for a conventional generator, or should it be unsuitable to your working environment, we can provide UPS solutions that will sit in the computer room adjacent to your servers.

For total peace-of-mind, we can provide a complete UPS solution that includes site survey, solution design, installation, maintenance and remote monitoring of your UPS.  For assistance in choosing the right UPS solution for your IT Infrastructure, please leave your enquiry details on our Contact Form or call us on 0800 634 3390.